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  1. Judith Butler says:

    I am attempting to write a biography of my grandfather who fought both at Gallipoli and the Somme – I was reading a journal he wrote in 1928 about a trip to Canada and whilst onboard it reminds him of “I think of that first trip in the Orsova (P&O) to Alex and Gallipolli! Fourteen years ago!!” I came across your blog while trying to research about Orsova as a troop ship – can you direct me to any sources about Orsova and how many trips she made and whether there are any records of which troops travelled and when? He was with the Border Regiment aged 18 in 1915.

  2. Jim D G Miles says:

    Thank you for this Judith, I have passed on your details to my father so he can email you. (This is the old Calderonia site and as webmaster I still keep an eye on the comments but the new site is here and that’s the best way for Patrick to see it – but in this case he will email you!)

  3. mountorleanspress says:

    I am fascinated by the Calderon connection with Foxwold. This Autumn I am publishing three books illustrated by Roland Pym; I remember going to meet him around about 1990 at Foxwold, where he occupied the top floor with his sister. I am very keen to get in touch with the family and would be very grateful if you might help. My email is anthonyeyre[at]mac.com; my website, https:/anthonyeyre.com has a blog I recently wrote on Roland. Many thanks!

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