23 May 1915

Today George wrote hastily on the back of his letter to Kittie dated yesterday (Saturday) and written on board the R.M.S. Orsova at Alexandria:

Sunday morning. Prognostications are right. It’s in the morning. Doctors, nurses and chaplains are for the shore (a sister will post this). We are bound in this ship for Lemnos, 50 miles from the Dardanelles. There we shall be sorted out and reshipped. Good bye for the present little dear.

‘Little dear’ might be George’s equivalent of a Russian affectionate diminutive, or it might be a reference to Kittie’s stature. He was five foot nine and a half inches tall, whilst she appears to have been just over five foot.

Next entry: ‘Hunter-Bunter’s’ plan


About Patrick Miles

I am a writer who specialises in Anton Chekhov and is writing a biography of George Calderon.
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