A biographer sighs

I have now written the last chapter of Calderon’s life (not the last chapter of the book), and revised it in manuscript. I have been living with the whole Gallipoli campaign for the past three months. Although this has not been as eviscerating as living with the First Battle of Ypres (see post of 31 October 2014), I will admit to being clapped-out.

When I began this blog, I said that I dreaded reaching the end of George’s life and I had lived for years with variants of the last sentence. Well, the experience hasn’t been what I was expecting, and the last sentence (flat though it may seem) is, I think, the only right one. I will say more about the ‘experience’ when I have got my head round it!

Meanwhile, I recommend Peter Hart’s Gallipoli (Profile Books, 2013). He has a firm grip on the big picture (the official history, 1929/32, is an impressive source for everyone where that is concerned), but his unique strength is the range of individual soldiers’ accounts that he copiously quotes. It is fascinating to compare Hart’s book with the classic by Alan Moorehead, Gallipoli (Hamish Hamilton, 1956).

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About Patrick Miles

I am a writer who specialises in Anton Chekhov and is writing a biography of George Calderon.
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